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Q. Do you remove our old flooring?

"Yes, we remove and responsibly dispose of all our customers’ old carpets and flooring, we are SEPA registered and if the carpets are in reasonable condition we donate them to a Company called Spruce Flooring who distribute them to low income families and charities."

Q. Do you trim doors?

"Yes, this will be picked up at survey stage and you will be advised that doors will need to be trimmed. We can supply a qualified joiner to cut doors or kick plates in Kitchens."

Q. Do you move furniture?

"Yes, we will always move a reasonable amount of furniture to make your life easier and if you need help to completely empty a room, tell us what you require and we will always do our best to ensure having your new flooring fitted by us is a stress free experience."

Q. Do you do free estimates?

"All estimates are free as are any samples, you may want to check colours etc. in your own home."

Q. Do you do fitting at weekends?

"If it suits your lifestyle to have flooring fitted over a weekend or after office hours, this can be arranged."

Q. Do you carry out subfloor preparation?

"Yes, we undertake all types of preparation prior to laying new flooring.
Plywood subfloor, latex screed, damp proof membranes and acoustic cork underlays. Preparation is the most important part of any installation as what is on top will only be as good as what is underneath."